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Our Conversation

Together we are looking for a Homeopathic Remedy specifically for you.  To find a remedy that best fits you out of all the possible options in nature. 

Sometimes we find it the first time and sometimes it will take 3 or 4 times, but you know we are going to do the work together, we will persevere and when we find it - it should make a substantial difference to your health. 

Initial conversation ...

We will take a journey together to find a homeopathic remedy that suits you best. Together we dive deep into finding the homeopathic remedy that will not only make you feel better physically, but improve your overall well-being.

We will spend time talking in detail about your current symptoms. This will help me understand how you’re feeling. We will also discuss your past health history and previous treatments. With all the information you share with me,  together we will develop a program of treatment based on your current state of health.

Follow up conversation ...

2-6 weeks later, you book a follow up appointment and we can assess and review your progress. We discuss any changes in your symptoms and make adjustments accordingly. Changes can happen at different stages, so it’s important to book follow-up appointments. You may not see changes happening yourself, however after a review, it will become very clear just how much progress you have made!

I am here to be the Catalyst you need to take back control of your health. You know yourself better than anyone, that is why you will be deciding what is best for you. 

Your body knows how to heal itself, sometimes it needs a little Homeopathic help.

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