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Kingdom Approach

A person's state of health and the Homeopathic Remedy needed to restore health are found in nature from      Plants, Animals & Minerals

What is the Kingdom Approach?

Different qualities exist in different proportions in different individuals.

These particular differences are not isolated or random occurrences. During the process of case taking, the goal is to identify a Kingdom Energy Pattern (KEP) and take into account all the out of proportion aspects in a particular person's perception and responses. KEP is a mirror of a different phenomenon—an entity that appears and manifests as an energy pattern of a Plant, Animal or Mineral.

On the one hand, every person has a unique human existence and sings a unique human song. On the other hand, we discover that each person simultaneously has a completely distinct story, a nonhuman world inside him that appears to sing a different song.

The second song plays at the same time as our own natural song. It has an impact on our lives and occasionally gets in the way, manifesting as symptoms and illness. We have adapted an energy pattern from the Plant, Animal or Mineral Kingdom, to reflect this other KEP that lives within us. Because we already have a different song playing in us, our human song, this new song causes conflict, discord and symptoms of illness.

This other song is an "outsider" from a different Kingdom that lives inside of us. We believe this "outsider" is a part of us because we have lived with it for so long.    

This "outsiders" tune plays at the same time with the ordinary human melody. In our everyday lives, the human song often takes center stage, while the other song is often pushed to the side. But it keeps showing up in the words and metaphors that we use the most. It also shows up in the sensations we feel and express in different situations, as well as in the gestures we use to show these inner feelings and sensations.

We can say that this "outsider", the KEP, can be heard best through the language of illness.

An individual's language of the illness can be heard in the manner in which they speak, voice objections, the specific nature of pain and different complaints and symptoms. KEP can also be recognized in lifestyle,  leisure activities, hobbies, interests and through our dreams.

Not every person remains fixed in one Kingdom their whole life.  A Homeopathic Remedy is chosen based on the individual’s presentation at a specific moment in time. For example, a person could need an animal remedy but a few months later, the symptoms and situations can change into a plant or mineral experience. Kingdom Energy Pattern is not set in stone and can change along with the person.

Rose Flower
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Rose Flower
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