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 One and the same...Cell Salts,Tissue Salts, Mineral Salts, Biochemic Salts, Tissue Remedies, Cell Salt Remedies, Biochemic Therapeutics

Cell Salts & Face Analysis

 Cell Salts:

  • the smallest living unit is a cell

  • the cause of the disease is in the altered cell

  • a person can stay healthy only if the necessary minerals present in the body in the right quantity

  • long-term use of Cell Salts brings the body into a state of balance, strengthens a person’s immunity, which leads to health, vitality, youthfulness and beauty

How do they work?

-Cell Salts are taken up by the oral mucosa (mouth) and are delivered directly to the bloodstream

-Blood contains the material for every tissue and cell of the body - Restore the blood and the body will flourish

-Cell Salts are homeopathic preparations of certain mineral compounds, which are found within all living things

-Cell Salts simply provide the needed elements to the human body in a form that is readily assimilated, allowing speedy restoration, balance and harmony to the system


Face Analysis

The face is a mirror of our health

When we are lacking certain minerals, we develop signs on the face - examples include - coloring; red, pinkish, purple, white, brown spots, wrinkles, lines, puffiness, saggy or loose skin

Face Analysis Photo & Appointment Guidelines:

-No makeup

-Do not smile

-Look straight ahead

-Include your neck in the photo

-Wear a light colored or white shirt

-Hair tied back and away from your face

-Take photo in natural light, no shadows or over exposure

- Book an appointment, fill out and return intake forms

- Email your photo to

- During the Consult, we will examine the photo together and you will be shown the signs of mineral deficiencies 

Upon completion of the analysis, you will receive a list of  Cell Salts that are suggested for daily use 

Biochemic Cell Salts Treatment

The body is made up of cells

Different kinds of cells build up the different tissues and organs of the body

The difference in the cells is largely determined by the kind of inorganic salts which enter in the composition

Besides these inorganic salts, the body is composed of water and organic substances in the proportion of one-twentieth of inorganic salts to the remainder of water and organic matter; but the latter is inactive and useless in the absence of the inorganic cell salts

These are the real tissue builders, the architects of the organism and both the structure and vitality of the body depend upon their proper quantity and distribution in every cell


The Biochemical Treatment uses these inorganic Cell Salts, when properly prepared for assimilation, capable of curing every curable disease and improving most incurable ones

Cell Salts are infinitesimally subdivided  in the different kinds of food we take and capable of assimilation by the cells. So it is important to make the cell salts immediately useful. They are prepared in the same delicate form in which nature uses them and that if they are absorbed by the microscopic cells, they must themselves be finer than the cell in an organism

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